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   Petition Response

Petition Response
If you are a director of a company that is facing a winding-up petition and,

  1. you don't think the debt is due, or
  2. you expect to be able to settle it in full or in part and
  3. perhaps require an extended period over which to pay,
you will most probably need an adjournment of the petition hearing to allow you time to negotiate terms of settlement with the petitioning creditor or failing that, to prepare a proposal for a CVA [click here for our CVA Direct service] otherwise a winding up order will most likely be made against your company.
To keep your company's options alive, contact Sterling Ford for Petition Response. We offer fixed fee and disbursement packages for companies seeking adjournments of winding up petition hearings with first adjournments of HMRC petition hearings starting from as little as £250 plus VAT, inclusive of solicitors' and counsel's fees. We can also quote fixed prices for setting aside/responding to Statutory Demands (Stat Demands), for a stay of advertising in order to prevent a company's bank accounts from being frozen, as well as for post winding up order remedies such as, seeking a rescission order etc. For further details of these services, click here

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