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   Members' Voluntary Liquidation - MVL
Members Voluntary Liquidation - MVL
A Members' Voluntary Liquidation or MVL may be appropriate for a company/LLP when:
  1. there has been a breakdown in the relationships between the directors/designated members and members

  2. there are changes in its markets, or its place and function in a group structure that result in the company/LLP no longer being viable or required,

  3. the members wish to remove their investment from the company,

  4. the directors/designated members wish to retire,

  5. it has met the objectives for which it was incorporated

Members' Voluntary LiquidationThe Members' Voluntary Liquidation or MVL procedure may only be used for companies/LLPs which are solvent, i.e. where their assets exceed their liabilities. MVLs provide a greater degree of certainty regarding ongoing liability than striking-off and can be a useful tool in the restructuring of companies, their businesses or property.

Why You Might Prefer a Members' Voluntary Liquidation (MVL)
Under Enactment of Extra-Statutory Concessions Order 2012 (ESC Order), capital distributions on dissolution are limited to the first £25,000, with any sums distributed in excess of this limit taxable as income. However, by utilising an MVL, there is no £25,000 capital distriubution limit and thus all distributions are treated as a capital receipt.

Why Use Sterling Ford
Since 1990, Sterling Ford have provided an MVL service to more than 1,500 companies and LLPs and distributed more than £2 billion in assets, ranging from individual companies/LLPs with less than £25,000 in assets to single companies/LLPs or groups of companies with more than £40 million in assets to be distributed.
Sterling Ford provide a streamlines, cost effective and standardised service for smaller companies and LLPs, tailored to meet limited budgets and a more bespoke service for the complex/high value corporate estates, but always aiming to provide certainty as regards cost and reliability in terms of performance.
With fixed fee packages available for two member companies from just £1,150 plus VAT and disbursements, and with early distributions of up to 75% of cash and/or other assets available within 26 days of appointment, there isn't a more cost-effective way of taking advantage of the MVL procedure.

For our Steps to Placing a company/LLP in MVL and to view our fixed fee scale and disbursement schedule, please click MVL Direct.
For more details of our Bespoke MVL Service, please check back here soon.

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