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Insolvency Investigations/Litigation Support
Over the last 20 years one area in which we have developed considerable expertise is in the field of litigation. A significant proportion of the cases we have taken on through our insolvency and consultancy practices have required the use of litigation whether to, inter alia, effect the realisation of a particular type of asset or to recover damages as a result of professional negligence or physical loss. With many of these matters we have had to carry out extensive and detailed enquiries, often using statutory powers and the assistance of UK and foreign courts to obtain disclosure of evidence in UK and abroad.
Many of the actions we have been involved with have required both solicitors and counsel to act on the basis of a conditional fee agreement ("no win no fee") and we often act on a speculative basis with regard to the recovery of our time spent, which may be solely dependent on a successful outcome and there being sufficient damages/recoveries available after the legal team have received their entitlements. In order to succeed in such a high risk environment, a firm has to be good at what it does or its own survival would be placed in jeopardy. In circumstances where we have brought proceedings against individuals whom we suspect are dishonest, but do not have the proof initially, we are particularly good at finding and corroborating evidence to undermine the credibility of our opponents' witness testimony, often resulting in an early settlement of proceedings.
Our extensive experience in working closely with various legal teams for many years on protracted and complex cases, some settled through mediation and others by judgment following trial, has enabled us to develop expertise in litigation strategy and places us in a strong position to provide a different perspective and to enhance many a legal team in a number of areas of commercial law.
Litigation can be used very effectively to bring about a resolution to a dispute, but there are occasions when the objective of the litigation becomes confused or the outcome less certain and with mounting legal fees and the risk of considerable adverse costs a client could benefit from an independent assessment - a different perspective . Such services can be provided on an ad hoc basis.
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