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   Debt Negotiations - HMRC
Debt Negotiations - HMRC
Sterling Ford have considerable experience and expertise in dealing with HMRC at all stages of the collection and enforcement process, including:
  1. - Negotiating 'Time to Pay' arrangements over 12months +, to enable companies and individuals with significant tax liabilities to reach an affordable payment plan with HMRC at local and Regional levels to prevent clients' files from being passed to HMRC Debt Management & Insolvency.

  2. - Negotiating settlement terms with HMRC Debt Management & Insolvency over periods exceeding 6 months, or if client cannot pay in full, advising client on alternative options under Insolvency Law, including, Administration, Voluntary Arrangement and Voluntary Liquidation.

  3. - Sterling Ford have also acted for non-resident debtors, particularly US residents, with substantial liabilities owing to HMRC and have successfully negotiated settlements with HMRC's Non-Resident Recovery Unit.

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